Welcome to The Deep South. This is a comic strip where works of art are ripped out of context and then transported into the deep south. No animals were hurt in the course of writing this comic strip.
The author created this comic strip mostly because he was bored. Homophobia has been the topic of late. But rest assured, when he gets the energy to get off the mental couch, he will tackle more serious issues like Donald Trump's comb-over. You can read more about him at No Milk Please.

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Don't be so vain. You probably think this comic strip is about you, don't you, don't you? The Deep South is that state of mind where ignorance, small-mindedness or Strom Thurmond resides. It is not about your state unless you're one of those states that thinks marriage needs to be "defended" from gays instead of Britney Spears, then yes, this is so absolutely about you.


Mr. Federal Court fears for his life. He records a desperate message into a dictaphone... | My Friends: The Members of Congress have schemed to dismember me, strip me of my powers... They have landed some blows, but I still live.  But now they are sending the senate, the so-called '50 assassins'...
All because they fear Miss Marriage here who wants to celebrate gay unions. She lies bleeding, possibly mortally wounded, by their so-called 'Acts of Defense'... My only hope is that this message reaches you, my voting friend, in time to save my life.  I implore you: send reinforcements!
The Deep South (c) 2004 Paul G

Inspired by:
House passes Marriage Protection Act

Image Source:
"The Menaced Assassin" by Rene Magritte

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