Welcome to The Deep South. This is a comic strip where works of art are ripped out of context and then transported into the deep south. No animals were hurt in the course of writing this comic strip.
The author created this comic strip mostly because he was bored. Homophobia has been the topic of late. But rest assured, when he gets the energy to get off the mental couch, he will tackle more serious issues like Donald Trump's comb-over. You can read more about him at No Milk Please.

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Don't be so vain. You probably think this comic strip is about you, don't you, don't you? The Deep South is that state of mind where ignorance, small-mindedness or Strom Thurmond resides. It is not about your state unless you're one of those states that thinks marriage needs to be "defended" from gays instead of Britney Spears, then yes, this is so absolutely about you.


Finally! People are realizing that I am not a 'one-hit wonder.' The Bible is not my only masterpiece... I don't understand why man thinks that I would stop writing and giving inspiration... My Word is Living, which means that it does not give only one meaning.  People are inspired because my Words fit their individual needs! Mel Gibson is a homophobe but that doesn't mean I can't use him to give my message to man through this movie... Through the millenia, I have inspired so many works that are just as important as the Bible!
'Roots,' Beethoven's 5th Symphony, 'Citizen Kane.' I am also particularly proud of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer!'  And who do you think put Heather Locklear in 'Melrose Place'?   And even though I am kinda embarrassed to say it, I also inspired 'Touched by An Angel'.  I am wherever there is inspiration! My Divine Hand can be seen in such reality shows like 'Survivor' and 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,' inspiring people everywhere!  Right now, I'm enjoying writing 'The O.C.' but I may have to leave it soon... I am going to work on inspiring the next Harry Potter book!
The Deep South (c) 2004 Paul G

Image Source:
"Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo

Inspired by:
"God, the Screenwriter"
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President George W. Bush has a press conference...  | 'I believe in the sanctity of marriage.  Marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation...' It is so 'sanctified' that couples can not only marry in a church, but also in a quickie Las Vegas wedding presided by an Elvis impersonator...
It is so 'sacred' that marriages performed by Captain Stubing on the Love Boat to a pair of 70 year olds is legal and binding... I will work with congressional leaders to do what is legally necessary to defend the sanctity of marriage except outlaw divorce, its biggest threat!
The Deep South (c) 2004 Paul G

Image Sources:
"Nighthawk's Cafe" by Edward Hopper
George W. Bush lookalikes

Inspired by:
"Bush vows to defend 'sanctity' of marriage"

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"Desecration? Dedication!" by Anna Quindlen at Peter's blog.
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The rights that come with marriage are from God, and since God doesn't approve of gays, they should be happy with civil unions. They can get a lawyer to fill the gaps like adoption, inheritance, tax breaks, alimony, child support that you get 'free' with  marriage...
The way I see it, we are doing gay people a favor, they'll think twice before getting hitched... If it was harder  to get married, maybe we straight people will think twice before doin' it ourselves!
The Deep South (c) 2004 Paul G

Image Sources:
"La Gioconda" (also known as the "Mona Lisa") by Leonardo Da Vinci
Mona Lisa Morph
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Two 18 year old boys are in jail for having consensual sex with a minor.  Let's listen in...  |  How long are you in for?    13 months. You?    17 years.    Bummer. How old is your girlfriend?    15. How old is your boyfriend?  15.  Dang! How'd you get off so easy?
The judge told me that when I have pre-marital sex with my girlfriend, I am settin' an example by promotin' traditional morals, reducin' the spread of STD's and promotin' procreation and marriage! My lawyer thinks that I should be set free and given a medal.  I can't wait to do more promotin' for the governmint...
The Deep South (c) 2004 Paul G

Image Sources:
"Young Man with a Cap" by Vincent Van Gogh
"Young Man with Cornflower" by Vincent Van Gogh

Inspired by "Teen's 17-year sentence for gay sex upheld"
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